The ability to reduce the in-car temperature to a comfortable level on exceedingly hot days, without having a seventy mile an hour gale buffeting you and being unable to hear the radio or your passengers because of the wind-noise.

As aircon also conditions the air, the ability to remove the moisture from the air coming into the car on really muggy days and to achieve a comfortable atmosphere within the car, perhaps in conjunction with the heater control – the AC button will control the Relative Humidity and the heater if needed will control the temperature leaving you free to enjoy the warmth without being stuffy. This also means that air conditioning ISN’T JUST FOR SUMMER! If you are wet in the winter, turn the heat up, put the AC on and you will find that you will dry out a lot quicker!

Vehicles loose roughly 10% of their air conditioning gas each year and rarely leave the showroom floor with more than 50% in their system. So if you have a 5 year old car (not old at all) the air conditioning will more than likely need re-gassing.

We specialise in repairing, tuning and re-gassing air conditioning for cars so if you’re in the North Wales area give us a call.

Please DO NOT attempt to repair or remove any of the air conditioning system, as this could result in serious harm to yourself and the environment if you do not have the appropriate equipment or training! This could also result in a hefty fine from the environmental agency!