Maintenance Quick Checks

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your car running properly. We are car care experts and have the equipment, skills and know-how to keep your vehicle running at its best.

Try our new Maintenance Quick Checks now.

This includes:

Tyres / Tyre pressures:
Making sure your tyres are in the legal limit, and checking your tyre pressures are correct to prolong the life of your tyre and improve your miles per gallon (MPG).

Oil in the engine:
Checking your engine has the correct amount of oil so that it is running efficiently, as too little oil can cause damage inside the engine and too much can flood the engine.

Radiator Coolant & Water:
Having the correct amount of coolant and water in your radiator is very important so it can keep your engine cool, without this it can cause your engine to overheat and cause massive damage and expensive bill.

Brake pads:
We will visually check your brake pads and inform you of there condition and if they need changing, if you don’t change your pads when they are low they will start rubbing on the discs which will cause more damage and a bigger bill.

Screen wash:
It is now a legal requirement to have screen wash in your car for safety reasons you never know what could suddenly obscure your vision on your windscreen and rear window.

Window wipers:
For safety reasons we will make sure these are working properly and the blades are in a reasonable condition so they will clear your window screen and rear window.

Washer Jets:
We will check these are working properly and clean them out as over a time residue can build up and block your jets.

  • All these will be checked by one of our qualified engineers and topped up if needed all INCLUDED in the price.
  • If any of these are completely empty and need a full top up there will be a extra small charge depending what it is, but we will inform you first.

Checking all these every couple of months or before long drives it could save your car causing damage to it and you a big bill.